Tails From The Exam Room

Bob's Story

Bob is a neutered male cat whom the owners brought in with unknown injuries, but who clearly was not feeling well. Bob had been attacked by a neighbor's dog and was found on the porch. Upon initial examination, Dr. Hultgren found no obvious wound or tear in the skin.

Examining him further, Dr. H discovered he had torn open the abdominal muscle wall, but not the skin. After getting Bob stabilized, he was taken into surgery to repair what amounted to a hernia. Once inside the abdomen, it became clear that the diaphragm was also torn, to the extent that the heart and lungs were visible through the abdominal wall! In addition, a piece of liver was ripped off and floating free in the abdomen. The diaphragm and abdominal wall were repaired and the lungs were re-inflated. Bob recovered fully and is now a happy house cat. (No more playing with neighbor dogs outside!)

Hope for Hope

Hope was a 7 month old Mastiff puppy who was brought in to be spayed. As part of our routine surgery procedure, we did Pre-anesthetic bloodwork, just as would be done for a human. Thank goodness we do it! It was discovered that Hope, though still so young, was in renal (kidney) failure! If we had performed the surgery without first checking her health via the bloodwork, she would have likely died on the operating table. It is for reasons such as this that we require pre-anesthetic bloodwork before all surgeries. With awareness of her renal problems, the special care she needed was given to her by her owners. A few months later her kidneys were back in good health and she was spayed. She is now happy and healthy!


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